What is DaycareSocial?

We are a Social Hub – Parents and Daycare can hang out at DaycareSocial, check out the new baby trends, share thoughts about baby-related topics, and exchange ideas on how to care for our babies.

We are a Baby Diary / Baby Journal – Parents and Daycare can use DaycareSocial to electronically log baby’s daily activities; you may log frequent activities like your baby’s feeding routines, or infrequent items like medication taken. You have unlimited quota for entries! And best of it, this feature is completely Free!

We are a Baby Charts Reporter – Parents can share the baby’s data ANONYMOUSLY as data points for calculating average figures. DaycareSocial has a series of charts that Parents may utilize to see how their babies are comparing to the rest of the data population. The baby’s privacy is our TOP PRIORITY, so we only use the data to calculate averages, we never disclose specific information about the babies, NEVER.

We are a Milestone Tracker – Parents can easily track baby’s milestones / achievements with our built-in tool. Whenever you need to refresh your memory on when your baby first smiles, or when your baby first rolls from side to side, DaycareSocial is just a few clicks away, ready for you to bring back those happy memories!

We are a Daycare Directory Listing – Daycare, Nannies, and Babysitters can promote themselves at DaycareSocial. It is quick and easy to be included in our listing, and the listing fee is very competitively priced. Knowing that so many Parents visit our hub daily, this is a marketing opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

Service Launch Special: For a limited time, we are giving away our DaycareSocial Stickers to anyone who wants one. Please visit our Facebook Fan Page to find out how to claim your Free DaycareSocial Sticker!